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“SVEČAN” – February

Kurent is considered the great god of Slovenians, who brings good mood, new life and spring. He is the god of foolishness, the god of joy, wine, music and also sexual energy. With a magical musical instrument, he persuades people to dance and drives away death and winter.

In an old folk tale, Kurent saves the last Slovene from a cosmic flood, and the Slovene promises him to take good care of the vines. And to this day, Slovenes respect the Kurent, who dances in the time of celebrations.

»Pust« is one of the few pre-Christian holidays that the church did not succeed in transforming or give it new roles. »Pust« had a very special meaning for our pagan ancestors. Masks attracted the spirits of their ancestors, and at the same time, in addition to their higher mythological role, they drove away winter demons. Kurent is a fairy creature, a lunar god who belongs to the group of vegetation gods, which means that they drive away winter, awaken nature, fertility and thus new life. On the day of »Pust’s« burial, our ancestors usually lit a bonfire, in some places they also cut down a small spruce tree and placed it in the middle of the bonfire. Everyone prepared brooms and when they set fire to Pust in the evening, they stuck the brooms into the fire and twirled them so that sparks flew everywhere.

According to old stories, the bonfire was said to be dedicated to an old “buckwheat goddess”, every year in her honor yarn was set on fire and thrown high into the air. As high as it goes, so high should the flax grow.

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