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JKH slovetno organic unisex trackpants
"Črt" Unisex Organic Track Pants

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Goddess "Živa" Sports Bra

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"Mara" Unisex Organic Oversized Hoodie

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JKH identity slovetno duffle bag
God "Triglav" Duffle Bag

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jkh slovetno organic cotton unisex hoodie and pants
Unisex Organic Cotton Tracksuit Set 2

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slovetno unisex organic cotton track pants
Flower Unisex Organic Cotton T-shirt

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Thanks needs to be given to the nuns in Convents and Monasteries for the preservation of the symbolism of Slovenian cultural heritage. These nuns cared for the patterned textiles; they expanded their designs and stored them carefully during both wars, to pass on to new generations. When asked why they dedicate so much time to the preservation of these symbolism they replied: “This was the way then and so it must be now!”. If these patterns were once of such great importance to mankind, why are we forgetting and neglecting them today? The symbolism* of the patterns was never random or accidental. In them we find encoded messages of ancient religious beliefs and the meaning of life. Motive has always had a magical, protective and religious significance connected with nature and environment.

The project sLOVEtno is and always will be an ongoing concept, just like identity that is never a concluded idea. Slovenian identity for years was shaped and preserved by its culture much before the country's independence.

sLOVEtno, a sub label of JKH is a modern take based on tradition. The fashion & lifestyle line evolved from the idea of preserving the Slovenian cultural heritage in a totally modern way, with the help of digitalization and modern textile processing techniques.

sLOVEtno uses traditional patterns that are manipulated and modernized to bring them into the 21st century. The new/old designs become modern, wearable and adapt easily to today's lifestyle making them attractive to the everyday urban man or woman.

The line sLOVEtno includes streetwear and lifestyle accessories for the modern human, designed with style versatility in mind; they do not follow fashion trends and are locally produced with sustainability in mind, so everyone can own a little piece of identity in their home and wardrobe.

For the meaning of the symbols and colors used in sLOVEtno patterns please see specific product descriptions.

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