JKH is a womenswear & lifestyle brand created by designer Julia Kaja Hrovat. Our studio is located between the alps and the sea in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Inspired by the big heritage of a small country whose identity was shaped by culture, that has been developing for hundreds of years, therefore it is important to nourish it, never forget it and to develop and transfer it into modern life. »The past is all one can know in his life…no one has lived in the present or will live in the future.« – laibach, kapital 1992

This is a response to the world we live in today. Fast paced lifestyle, forgetting about small life pleasures, forgetting about nature and our roots, about our heritage, adopting everything that is not ours. At JKH we create new and modern patterns, inspired by the rich Slovenian cultural heritage, we redesign and modernize heritage. The symbols we use at JKH to create textile patterns are taken from the slovenian heritage, from the stories, textiles and myths. 

The symbolism of the patterns was never random or accidental. In them we find encoded messages of ancient religious beliefs and the meaning of life. Motive has always had a magical, protective and religious significance connected with nature and environment. The authors of cultural heritage are unknown; therefore the heritage belongs to all of us. We keep in mind a native North American saying: “Don’t take anything that is not yours to take, not from a human, not from your community, not from nature, either of any culture that is not yours.”

Discover the big heritage of a small country and create your own identity with finding the perfect outfit. The clothes are designed to take a woman through the day in a whirlwind of color and comfort using natural materials, that can take her straight to an evening at the theater, a social event or dinner with friends. The clothes and fabrics impart colorful patterns composed of stories of the Slovenian cultural heritage. At JKH our goal is to make clothing that looks and feels good.

We want people to know about the slovenian rich cultural heritage and to spread the stories of slovenian identity. Manipulating with the symbolism of heritage using  contrasting materials, using natural and organic fabric that touch the skin, we also use old textiles, recycle textile waste and use sustainable approaches in design and production. The clothing is produced locally in low quantities, sometimes with capsule collections that are limited.

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