VINOTOK – October

Domesticity, softness, calmness, gratitude, feminine grace and creativity are the feelings that pervade the month of October. It’s time for us – women. All external “masculine” tasks end, the last crops are harvested and internal “female” tasks begin – spinning, weaving, sewing. It is a time of connection between us, a time for us, a time when we can find peace, a time to purify the past and create the future. It is the time of the goddess Mokosh, the great mother, the goddess of female energy, the goddess of fertility, the protector of women, the protector of spinning wheels and the wife of Perun for one half of the year. Her main natural elements are earth and water, Mokosh is the personification of mother earth and thus the link between the underworld and the sky, for the last part of the year she is the wife of Veles. Her name is connected to the wetness of the earth at this time. She is also associated with rain and snow, rain was sometimes called “the milk of Mokosh”. Christianity gave her the name »St. Petka« (St. Friday in translation), the day of Mokosh, is celebrated on the last Friday of the 10th month – the day of Mokosh, »Petkin dan« (Friday). Friday is regarded as a day for women, even in other cultures – Venus “Venderdi” or Freya “Friday”. On her festival, the goddess is often depicted heavily pregnant, as a sign before the winter solstice, when a new sun is born.

This is a time of female deepening, where it is important that a man stands by her side. In the past they showed their love to each other in such a way that after hanging out together while spinning wool, the boy would take her spinning wheel home to the beloved girl. Mokosh reminds us that not only women but all genders must connect, socialize and help each other. She is a force that enriches us at the time of calmness, connects us with nature and its natural cycle, reminds women that we have the power to carry new life within us.

That’s why, dear woman, don’t forget about yourself this month, indulge in nurturing your soul and body and treat yourself to something.

Why is the heavily pregnant Mokoš sitting in front of the island of Bled on the T-shirt?

Today the church of St. Mary stands on Bled island. But under the existing church, archaeologists found the foundations of a building after the Second World War, which they assume was once an ancient religious shrine, supposedly dedicated to the goddess Ziva. But the island of Bled is part of a sacred triangle, which once connected three important holy points: the island of Bled, Dobra Gora and Gradiška, and the latter belonged to Perun and Veles, so we can perhaps connect that the goddess Mokoš was worshiped on the island, because she is the wife of both, even though the poet Prešeren in Krst pri Savica built a shrine to the goddess Živa on the island.

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