jkh identity fall winter 2023

“KAOS” the all new Fall-Winter 2023 collection

This special sweatshirt was inspired by the illustration on the calendar t-shirt for the month of January. Made out of dead stock fabric it is a u-circular piece of clothing, making you feel cozy. Hight quality french terry fabric in an electric blue shade. Upon request it could be made out of red or black hue of organic cotton french terry.

Amidst the labyrinths of Slovenian cultural heritage and symbolism that have interwoven through centuries, designer Julia Kaja Hrovat (JKH identity) finds inspiration in archaic ways of life, forgotten beliefs and ancient customs that pulsed through the veins of our Slavic ancestors. A profound respect for history and her creative intuition guide her through the shadows of time, revealing treasures from the past. Resulting in illustrations of the »calendar t-shirts« – a bridge connecting echoes of ancient rituals with the spirit of modern design. Illustrations of mythological beings and old Slavic gods for the outline of fall-winter collection, set debuted in early October on the LJFW runway. The interweaving of Pagan and Christian faith, both integral parts to our history, shape the stories of our heritage, giving rise to the new collection titled »CHAOS«. Why such a name? In the realm of mythology, one never truly knows where they stand. Similarly, in the modern age, we find ourselves in a chaotic flood of information and identity crises.

The all new collection is coloured in the spirit of autumn and winter months: January, February, September, October, November and December.

In a world where sustainability is becoming a principle and ecological consciousness increases, Julia Kaja Hrovat carefully selects materials and designs garments with sustainability as a narrative. A blend of cool and warm tones adorns garments made from ecological materials, printed with sustainable dyes and »dead stock« materials. What are dead stock materials? These are materials form major fashion brands that have never been used or are remnants from previous collections, repurposed instead of being discarded. The JKH identity women’s collection will feature two new prints. Silhouettes are designed to make women feel comfortable and elegant, catered to various body types, seamlessly transitioning from day to evening wear. This time, the designer aims for each woman to sense her true energy, strength, and goddess within, through the JKH identity world.

The stars of the patterns in the new collection are mythological beings, gods and their symbols, residing during the autumn-winter months, taken from the illustrations of the “calendar” t-shirts collection. These patterns intertwine into a series of stories and symbolism, seeking meaning in chaos and highlighting our heritage, emphasising the importance of human coexistence with nature. Designer Julia Kaja Hrovat found inspiration for designing these patterns among the frescoes of Janez from Kast, who completed the painting of the idyllic church of the Holy Trinity in Hrastovlje in 1490. Christianity subtly intertwines its faith with stories, customs, and values that have long been deeply rooted in people and stem from the ancient belief that connects humans with nature. The church in Hrastovlje is a rare example in European history, rich with paintings, details, and messages.
Similar to how the painted medallions of calendar months are revealed under the church’s arches, a monochromatic calendar of mythological chaos is woven into the new pattern. Mythological beings and deities, endlessly repeating in the pattern, stand against a dark gray background connected with the symbols of nature.
 The dance of mythological beings and gods in the galaxy leans on the visual design of one of the most recognisable frescoes in European and Slovenian cultural heritage – the Dance of Death. This time, the images don’t lead to a freshly dug grave but instead, in the whirl of the galaxy, they step towards the new sun, light, entering a new cycle and a new year.
The MORANA dress, body and leggings pattern is inspired by the illustration of the calendar t-shirt for the month of September & the godess Morana. LJF / Poto: Pia Hočevar Mucić

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