may calendar tshirt organic cotton slavic mythology Lada


I chose the goddess Lada for the moth of May, the most spring-like month, to remind you of the power of original and pure female energy.

One of the most mysterious Old Slavic goddesses – Lada.

Also known as the “lady of flowers”. Lada is the goddess of fertility, beauty, family life and love. The days of Lada worship are said to be between May 25th and June 25th.

In spring she comes from the underworld and brings pure love and pure feminine energy. Lada was always presented as the most beautiful Slavic woman with white skin, golden hair, and big violet eyes. Her mouth was juicy, the upper lip the color of strawberry, the lower lip the color of raspberry. She was confident and attractive.

Most of the recorded rituals associated with the worship of Lada were for women only. Once upon a time, girls used to walk around the villages and sing from the chase until midsummer night, they were called “ladarice”.

Her most recognizable symbol is the linden tree, which has heart-shaped leaves. Other symbols associated with Lada are: deer, rooster, eagle, cherry, olive and the sun.


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