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According to Slavic mythology, Perun is the supreme god, the son of Svarog – the creator of everything. God of lightning and thunder, god of oaths, god of spring and fertility, god of rain and agriculture. There is a well-known saying in Prekmurje that »Perun sends a terrible hour« – a storm, because he fertilizes the earth with rain. The name of the god Perun comes from the root “the one who strikes”.

Sempervivum tectorum, commonly called house leek is Perun’s plant, they were planted on thatched roofs to protect houses from lightning and fire. One of Perun’s signs is also the symbol of a six-leafed flower – the “flower of life or iris”, the sign is found on houses and haylofts and, just like the house leek, has a symbolic protective power against fires. The Perun tree is an oak tree. Perun possesses the strength of a warrior, our ancestors turned to him before battles and we can do the same today, his energy can help us in the personal battles we fight today. The flower that got its name from Perun is Periwinkle or. Iris. One of the symbols associated with the god Perun is the axe.

Perun’s Day is celebrated on July 21. According to folk tradition, faith says that if you climb a tree on this day, you will die.

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