The JKH Artisanal magic a story about heritage and sustainability

The JKH Artisanal line was created with love and respect for vintage textile techniques and beautiful patterns, that were once the centre of our homes, decorating the homes of our ancestors and are now discarded, forgotten, folded sitting in closets and attics. They carry a story, a story about identity and cultural heritage.

 *Artisanal – a word used to describe something made in limited quantities, often using traditional methods. The artisan process requires a specific knowledge, caring or philosophy and is most often made by hand.  

Where did this desire, interest, passion for vintage textile come from? It’s been with me forever. It probably comes from my childhood, I’ve always been surrounded with things from years past, I was taught to care for and respect the past, the craftsmanship of old masters who put much work and effort into their creations.

And now more than ever, the time has come to appreciate the past,  to be more sustainable. In a world of replaceable goods, the time has come to make a change, to respect our cultural heritage and my way is through my artisanal line.

Searching and sourcing vintage textiles have become my hobby, I research, I browse and when I find it I up cycle it, make it wearable, give it a new life, a new opportunity to find new life with the new wearer, to again be a part of their lives. Giving the textile the opportunity to be loved again, to give the new owner new energy. It now decorates you, your life, your wardrobe, and your lifestyle. A tablecloth, a rug, a duvet, a curtain now becomes a coat or jacket with a beautiful heritage pattern, a piece of clothing with special energy, magic! And somewhere deep inside it hides the spirit of the past, a story, giving you the feeling of home, the safety of love. Every single piece is different, has its own color, its own pattern, and shape, meant for that one special person. And during the process of transformation, I first examine it, inspect all the imperfections, sometimes it has a stain or a small tear, and every time before my scissors cut into it, I close my eyes and open them again.

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