Spring/Summer 2021

After a chain of unfortunate events in the valley, Krivopetnice have gone…where have they gone to? Here they are, in a new image and in a new time, on textiles, and they also brought with them Triglav flowers, intoxicatingly scented wild carnations and “planika” flower on which bees graze. The collection is a response to the current times, to returning to nature, preserving cultural heritage and indigenous and protected species of Slovenian flowers and animals.

The silhouette of the collection is comfortable, the clothing pieces made of natural materials are designed in such a way that they can take you from your home office to the city or nature.

jkh identity archive s/s 2021

“The collection speaks about folk tales of the mountain world. About mountain fairies – krivopetnica, alpine flowers and bees. Krivopetnice, had turned around feet and long green hair, they lived in the valley of  Trenta and grazed mountain goats. At night, they told the fate of newly born children, and during the day they guided hikers on the right path. The gold horn, their king, who is credited with magical healing power, as triglav flowers always grow from his blood, which help him to recover quickly.”

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