Spring/Summer 2018

The collection #malestvari, is comprised of silhouettes inspired  from the national dress of peasants and the rural peoples of the Slovene nation.  In spite of the smallness of this nation it nevertheless succeeded to retain its strong and rich cultural heritage. 

With a modern approach and redesign of the national peasant costumes I created garments for the up to date woman, who knows and is proud of her heritage, enjoys life and knows life. It is about the little things that make up the whole of everyday life.

The fabric designs in this collection are constructed on the illustrations of a budding your illustrator –Petra Pešić, whose love of illustration draws and signs these with the name of »petrasine« with the symbol #little things. The explosion of color in the patterns printed on the fabrics, inspire to remind us of the little things in life we often forget about.

The collection is predominantly composed of natural-sustainable fabrics, silk, cotton and hand woven linens. This collection is also a reflection and reminder of the coexistence of man and nature, of pleasant feelings, of all the little things in life that bring a smile to our lips and remind us that everything is not always black and white. Designed for the active woman who works, dreams and loves life.

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