Fall/Winter 2022/2023

»Žalik Žena« is *Krivopetnica, that left the Trenta Valley because of all the unfortunate events. She separated from her sisters and ventured, becoming an urban nomad. She left her armour behind. However, she took with her only the Triglav flowers – which she used to pick and dry in the mountains where she lived, for her magic medicinal tea. She is free, headstrong, happy, away from quarrels, wilful and is now discovering a new world. We can understand her as a modern woman, a woman who does not run away from problems, she solves them and moves on. With new acquaintances and experiences she enriches her self and grows becoming a better version of herself.

And in autumn, she dressed herself in colour, she blossomed, she drew old Slavic symbols (the sun, the cross, the tree of life), she dressed herself in the symbols that decorate traditional Easter eggs. In the colours of autumn she dances among the symbols of her ancestors, she is free.

Women dressed in white with beautiful long hair. They were kind to people, they advised farmers on fieldwork and chores, they helped them, but only if they were left alone. According to folk tale belief, she helped obedient generous people and tortured men that fell in love with her.

They appear when people need them most. However, if someone accidentally or out of arrogance approached their dwellings, they were forced to return to the valley with landslides, storms and hail send above them.

Painted eggs decorated with motifs. These paintings had a magical power for our ancestors, associated with holidays and the folk calendar, which is based on the solar cycle. The most common are solar signs that point to the power of the sun and the beginning of a new cycle. The Tree of Life is an eternal symbol representing the connection of the three worlds. The eight-pointed star is a magical symbol of good luck. A rhombus represents cultivated land or a nest. Cross – one of the oldest symbols, which represents the four sides of the world and all the seasons. Colours: red – love, sun; black – protects; white – purity and birth; blue – sky and wind.



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