Fall/Winter 2020/2021

The collection tells the story of Slovenian folk tales from the mountains. It speaks about mountain fairies – Krivopetnice. They had long green hair and turned around feet. They lived in the Trenta Valley and grazed mountain goats. At night, they told the newborns their fate. Their king was the Golden Horn – Zlatorog, to whom magical power is attributed! When he was wounded, Triglav flowers grew from his blood, which had magical healing powers. After a series of unfortunate events in the Trenta Valley, Krivopetnice gathered all the mountain goats and left the valley forever.

Photo: Mimi Antolović


The collection interweaves patterns, colours and structures, where Slovenian alpine flowers intertwine through silhouettes in natural materials, and Krivopetnice dance among them.


LJFW, October 2020, exhibition JKH identity x Mina Fina, Photo: Mimi Antolović



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