Fall/Winter 2019/2020

The inexhaustible source of inspiration offered by the Slovenian cultural heritage has led me this time into a magical garden in which one of the most beautiful bird presides – “the peacock”.

A bird with an awe inspiring tail made up of thousands of feathers in which is hidden the image of an eye. In Slovenian tradition the peacock symbolizes eternal life and immortality.

As an symbol/emblem it appeared in embroideries and fabrics, from the skeleton of the feather, our ancestors wove beautiful patterns on their belts and the women also hung a feather off their belts, believing that this eye in the feather would protect them from evil.

The JKH authored prints intertwine the Slovenian flower “the carnation” together with the peacock form. These  all-season pieces are complemented by voluminous coats in metallic splendor also quilted with JKH authored patterns of floral design. Natural and certified organic material move easily under the voluminous coats in metallic sheen. This season, the JKH woman is fearless and all-powerful, wrapped in flowers and peacocks, queen of the magical garden.

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